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Certified Computer Technician

Systems Administrator

Malware Analyst & Researcher

Thank you for visiting my interactive Resume, and taking an interest in my working history! My career started in sales, gaining me the "soft skills" necessary in IT. I then pivoted, going to school for Cybersecurity & Information Technologies, taking my strong passion and interest in computer technologies and the internet to a new level. I am a software developer, strong system admin, networking administrator and freelance malware analyst. If you have any questions for me, always feel free to ask or call!

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My story

I started my working career in sales for Bell Canada, running my own business on the side where I would repair and maintain computers for residents of Oliver, BC at the age of 17. I eventually moved up the valley where I would meet my wife. After my daughter was born, I decided to take my technological skills much more seriously, exploring the vast field of cybersecurity as a specialization. 

I take as much time as I can to make the internet a safer place. I record and report new malwares, scams and malicious operations as I discover them to the proper authorities on a global scale. I currently work full-time with WestPoint Projects as an Assistant Site Manager at Spacious Storage, where I not only manage over 800 customer accounts, building maintenance and collections, but provide tech support and cyber defense for the organization as well.

I am a driven self-starter with a passion and motivation for keeping technologies safe and the people behind them, safer.

  • Age: 27
  • Home Base: Kelowna, BC
  • Freelance: Available
  • Servicing: Okanagan Valley
  • Phone: +1 250 212 4984
  • E-mail:

Services ⚙️

What I Do

Working with a variety of Operating Systems and settings, I provide SysAdmin services to numerous businesses in North America. Keeping websites running, creating intranet environments and keeping technologies running smoothly 24/7 for businesses that need it most!

Vulnerability Assessments

I do offer services as a professional penetration tester for businesses, ensuring that the digital or physical safeguards they have in place are still effective. All of my penetration tests are bound to a strict scope and agreement laid out by the client, with an informative report created shortly after

Building Management

As assistant site manager of Spacious Storage on Ellis, I wear many hats. I not only maintain the tech around site, keeping it protected from cyber threats, but I manage over 800 accounts, providing a sales experience for new ones as well. I perform building maintenance, collections calls, incident response & much, much more


With experience securing both Windows & Linux servers secure in enterprise environments, I have experience in keeping threat actors at bay. In addition to this, I provide reverse engineering services in a post-threat environments, with experience consulting and recovering from cyber attacks

Sales Training

With sales experience in Software, Automotive, Storage, Marketing & more, I offer sales training seminars to ambitious salespeople, either in a 1-on-1 setting or in a group setting to help improve sales

Graphic Design

Working with the Adobe Suite of products (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects & more) for over seven years, My graphic designs have been used in print, web and phisycal signage, providing a strong brand image for companies

Experience 📋

Working with

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Languages ⌨️

Programming Languages I usually work with
  • Python

    Working in Python I have created a number of applications with a focus on networking and automation. Examples would be: Web scrapers, game elements & aumotmation products for small businesses.

  • HTML, Java, CSS

    Working with HTML & CSS to create a variety of front ends for websites, examples can be found in my portfolio below

  • C, C# & C++

    This was the first language I started working with, creating game modifications for AAA titles as a youth. I don't work with this language often due to security concerns, but can read and write C language to a moderate level.



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Security Consultant
SEO, Web Development
Mission Audio Visual
Graphic Design, SEO, Web Development
Web Development
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    Adam Johnson
    Technology Enthusiast
    • Age: 27
    • Residence: Canada
    • City: Kelowna, BC
    • Freelance: Available
    • Phone: +1 250 212-4984
    • E-mail:
    Adam Johnson

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