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Securing A WordPress Website (101)

Congratulations, you have stepped into the word of website development and decided to use the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress to help you get started! While WordPress is a fantastic, robust engine for beginners and experts alike, it can be frustrating to learn that…

How I Perform Malware Analysis: My Setup

Since I began exploring the vast world of cybersecurity, I took a particular interest in the forensic analysis and dissection of computer viruses (malware). Although I spend every waking minute of my spare time researching, exploring and disassembling how these nefarious binaries work, as…

How RGH (Reset Glitch Hack) Really Works On Xbox 360

After Microsoft patched the SMC based “JTAG” exploit for the Xbox 360 after dashboard update 2.0.7371, which utilized the consoles SMC (System Management Controller) and the GPU’s JTAG Port to run unsigned code on boot, bypassing the hypervisors checks via hacked firmware. This brought…

How To Correctly Format FAT32 SD Cards Beyond 64GB

Need your large (64+GB) FAT32 SD Card to format correctly, providing support across multiple OS’s? Well, Follow this guide!